Petra Eckes

Business Coaching + Psychological Coaching

“Building the Bridge between Economy and Psychology: Awareness is Key!”

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Our awareness is key for achieving fulfillment in our life; in our private and in our professional life:

The more we know our self, the more we become aware about our self:

  • The more we know what is important for us in our life
  • The more we get clarity about our thinking and feeling, about our wishes and dreams
  • The more we know how to achieve our goals
  • The more we learn how to deal with difficult or critical situations and challenging relationships, the less we need to fight, the easier life becomes.
  • The more we feel connected with our self, the more we feel strong and centered.

We are present and aware.
The awareness of ourselves brings us to wherever we want to be

More than 20 years experience in economy and business at international level: in multi-national companies, in audit and advisory, in process and organization, in finance and commercial, as leader, in project management, in change management, in training and enablement as well as in coaching and counseling.

10 years experience in personal and business coaching and counseling:
for executives, leaders, managers, sales people, employees and private persons

CTI Co Active Coach, Holistic Psychotherapist, Diploma in Business Administration.

Being with my loved ones – being in the nature – meditation – painting – relaxing and enjoying life.

“Petra’s contribution as coach is invaluable!“
“once coaching is provided by Petra you can fly alone and do not feel the dependency in receiving regular counseling.”
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