Frauke Rost

Leadership Coaching, Decision Coaching, Life Balance Coaching

“Explore what’s possible, find your equilibrium”


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German, English, Luxembourgish

Life is too short to suffer. Let’s work together and explore ways you can live a more balanced, peaceful, and happier life.

My background is in Positive Organizational Psychology, Leadership & Organization Development, as well as Coaching and Hypnosis. I have several years of international experience working in employee and leadership development and training, project management, providing 1:1 coaching, and facilitating classes around the topics of stress management, conflict resolution, goal setting, and healthy lifestyle.

3+ years experience in coaching, hypnotherapy and horse-assisted coaching. I have coached people mostly on topics of finding a healthy life balance, stress management and reduction, setting goals and priorities, leadership development, and making decisions.

Horseback riding and spending time with my animals, hiking, being in nature, meditation, exercise, going to concerts and spending time with my loved ones.

“Empathic, a good listener, trustworthy, accepting, open-minded, honest, able to make people feel comfortable to open up.”
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