Doris Jhunjhunwala

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“To enrich your life with clarity and simplification”


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Before moving into the coaching field in 2017, I have gathered over 12 years of experience in the corporate world, primarily on the IT side. Always with a strong focus on productivity and collaboration. I am a pragmatic and positive person/coach and have developed to be humbled and empathic with my client’s while always keeping goals and follow through in mind.

As an Agile Coach I am connecting my personal passion and strength with my profession by providing 1:1 and team coaching especially around topics of digitalization, resilience, coping with constant change, being able to navigate in this “VUCA world”. I strongly believe in the mantra of simplification.

I am working as a Coach since 2017, graduating from the CTI – Co-Active Coaching institute (ICF – ACC). Stepping into the land of Coaching from Source opened additional ways of coaching and self development to me which I’m very grateful for. Following my personal passion I have trained myself continuously towards agility and resilience coaching.

I am fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a horse assisted coach finishing the certification this year and hopefully able to extend this wonderful additional way of coaching to as many people as possible.

I spend most of my time with my beloved ones. Alone, I refill my energy by going to nature – enjoy running, riding or simply reading a book.

“I got to know Doris as very dedicated professional coach, with a positive attitude and being committed to herself to bring each coaching session to a helpful result for the person, who is being coached.
For me, as a very visual person Doris does a fabulous job by bringing my saying into picture language. With this, she does not only show her quality as an active listener but also being able to easily adapt to my core problem. She is asking the right questions, encouraging myself to reflect certain situation from all parties involved. And by keeping momentum she heartens myself to put personal keen insight into words. After each coaching session I feel the urge to put the newly gained confidence into practice.”